This service module is designed for saving documents and media files. It is more like your online computer where you can create folders and save your files. It comes with easy ways to upload and retrieve your files.

Your files are saved and secure on the cloud. You can access these files anytime and anywhere so long as you have access to internet and computer/smartphone.

Home: Here you can create all the folders and sub-folders with an option to upload your files into the folders. 

Data Storage Space: You need to purchase a data space to store your data from 100MB to 10GB. You can  pay on your account and through our secure online payment platform with card or Mobile Money.

File Finder: This feature makes it easy to search for files by date range, file name, and download options.

File Archive: Here you can move files into archives if you don’t need them. However, you can’t delete files for security reasons. If you want files deleted contact Click Communications for confirmation. This is to avoid a situation where a user can temper with important files or permanently delete files