This service module is designed for office secretaries to enter records of visitors, book appoints and set up reminders for their officials.

Visitors: Here you can register new visitors and capture details of why they are there and who they want to see among other relevant details. You can also view all registered visitors with options to update their records, filter records by date and the department they visited. You can also download the visitors’ records in an excel file.

Appointments: Here you can book new appointments or set up meetings with an option to attached files and send SMS, Voice Call to notify the host and the guest that the meeting has been booked and confirmed. You can view all the appointments booked and their statuses with data filtering options. You can also download the appointments in an excel file.

Reminders: Here you can set up reminders and schedule a repeat of the reminder. You can choose if the reminder must go as SMS or voice call message. You can select a department or group or individuals the reminder should go to. It also comes with the option to view all scheduled reminders and with the option to download all reminders in an excel file.